Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture

What Cosmetic Acupuncture can do for you:

  • Rejuvenate & Brighten the Skin
  • Combat loss of volume
  • Eliminate acne by improving hormonal balance
  • Even out complexion
  • Firm & lift sagging 
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Hydrate dry and flaky skin
  • Moisturizes skin through increased circulation of blood and lymph to face
  • Reduce scarring
  • Soften lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Tone and tighten facial muscles

Acne scarring ​+ scars

Scarring comes in the form of dark red & purple spots, pitting, and little holes in the skin.
Severe cystic acne sufferers will be left with lumps and bumps and very uneven skin texture.
Like treating pigmentation and uneven skin tone, needling will boost blood circulation and remove stagnant pigmentation and blood from the face. This allows fresh blood to surface and encourages scars to fade as well as regeneration of skin tissue through the increased stimulation of collagen production.​

Dryness, flakiness and dullness

Needling encourages blood flow to face which stimulates and revitalises health and integrity of the flesh and soft facial tissue. This is significant as it means skin retains moisture more effectively and prevents dryness, flakiness and dullness. Whilst skin care products and creams help to moisturise, it is ineffective when skin is unable to absorb and retain moisture. Cosmetic acupuncture works almost immediately as it increases blood flow and allows moisture and hydration to remain within the skin, rejuvenating skin appearance.

Lines and wrinkles 

Via a technique known as threading, fine needles are inserted along fine lines and wrinkles. This causes “microtrauma” to the face as the body will see these needles as foreign objects causing trauma to the skin and respond by producing collagen and elastin to “repair” the skin. Not only so, the skin will also produce an enzyme known as collagenases which break up old and misaligned collagen in wrinkles, lines and scars. It removes dead skin and tissue, thus replacing the skin with a new matrix of collagen. Collagen and elastin work together to give skin its shape and firmness. Collagen provides rigidity whereas elastin provides softness and elasticity. As a result, this will soften the lines and plump the skin from beneath, leaving you looking more youthful and radiant.

Preventative anti-aging 

Cosmetic acupuncture and needling means that you can stimulate excess production of collagen and elastin and thus “slow down” ageing

Pigmentation and uneven skin tone 

Needling also targets pigmentation and uneven skin tones. Pigmentation occurs when there is a lack of circulation in certain areas or the face or blockages which create an unevenness of skin. Needling will break or disperse these blockages which can reduce or diminish dark spots as it destroys the stagnant pigments which cause discolouration and allows for fresh blood to surface.​

Pimples and Acne

Needling helps regulate sebum secretion, the cause of acne and breakouts. In doing so, is also improves muscle tone through the stimulation of fresh blood flow and its nutrients to the face. It also reduces acne as increased blood flow removes toxins, dead cells and increases moisture retention potential giving skin a clearer and vibrant appearance.

Sagging and drooping and loss of firmness 

Similarly, sagging and dropping is also a result of lower production of collagen and elastin often a result of aging. Over time, muscles which keep the face taut and firm weaken and degenerates thus giving skin its limp appearance. Not only does needling regenerate these fibres by increasing production of collagen and elastin, needling of correct muscles stimulate muscles to tighten and strengthen thus producing a plump and firmer appearance.

Tension in the face

Cosmetic acupuncture is a holistic approach which focuses on rejuvenation from within. To revitalise facial appearance, acupuncturists will also target underlying health issues that contribute to tensions in the face such as stress, anxiety and depression. Needling stimulates and balances energy (qi) flow and each placement is unique to the individual and their personal symptoms. Cosmetic acupuncture targets specific areas that allow muscles to relax and re-balance.


Weeks 1-2 Hydrated, softened & glowing skin​

Weeks 3-4 Lifting & tightening sensation

Weeks 5-7 Stimulation of collagen evident. Skin feels tighter and lines begin to soften. Muscles in the face feel lifted.

Weeks 8-12 – Best overall changes happen. Face feels firmer and denser. Skin hydrated, plump and taut.​

Maintenance: required every 4-6 weeks


Initial Consult & Treatment (90min) $160

INCLUDES: Thorough TCM Consultation & Skin Assessment

Body Acupuncture Treatment 

Facial Massage

Facial Acupuncture Treatment.

Subsequent Treatment (60min) $120

INCLUDES: Consultation

Body Acupuncture Treatment 

Facial Massage

Facial Acupuncture Treatment​



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