Tips to Manage Time and Combat Stress

Too busy ? Too stress? Is work driving your stress level up to the roof? Or are you stuck in a situation that’s causing you to stress?

Here are some tips to manage your time and combat the stress.

Eat Breakfast – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and many people tend to skip this meal. You may be rushing for time in the morning due to kids and pets to feed, washing to hang out or trying to fit in an exercise workout while also trying to prepare for work and leave your home in time to catch your train/bus.  If you are going to tackle the day ahead efficiently, you need to eat breakfast. Without this meal your energy levels will drop and your overall productivity will be effective. Best way to deal with this is to plan ahead, keep some boiled eggs in the fridge, prepare some over night oats in the fridge the night before, or zap a bowl of porridge in the microwave while you get change or putting on your makeup.  Importantly get the day started off right.

Allow Tech Time – Keep in control of your web surfing time.  You may be just quickly checking your facebook only to realise half an hour has passed without you realizing it.  Manage your web surfing time, giving yourself a time limit to check out your facebook, favourite sites and online game. Set a certain time of the day when you can check your mail or set an alarm to remind you to log off. Not only will this manage your time better but also remind yourself to get outside to nature and not be stuck in the digital world.

Exercise – helps to improve brain function. Either you do an aerobic exercise (running, cycling or swimming); do yoga or Tai chi or even just going for a walk. These form exercise is proven to decrease stress hormones. Try to squeeze in at least 30 minutes to your daily routine. Before, during or after work. If your still struggling to find the time, why not walk to work, walk up the stairs instead of using the lifts or even just having a stroll in your lunch break.

Breathing – Deep breathing can reduce cortisol levels and stress symptoms. Yoga and Tai chi exercise can balance and strengthen your muscles, posture and breathing and can be calming to the mind and spirit.  Throughout the day practice deep breathing techniques. You can do this on your lunch break or at the end of the day before bed.  Take three deep breaths and follow each with a long exhalation to the count of three seconds. Practice theses sets of breathing 15 to 20 times per day. Sitting in a park is a bonus! Enjoy the surrounds of nature while doing the breathing exercise can reduce stress hormones escpecially after a stressful situation

Take time out – Treat yourself to a relaxation massage or acupuncture treatment.  Studies have shown acupuncture is a great alternative treatment to manage and de-stress. Taking out a least 45 minutes of your day, once a fortnight to enjoy a massage or acupuncture treatment can benefit your body and take your mind away.

There are many ways that people can de-stress and it may take you a few goes to find out what really works for you.  At back on your feet we offer stress relief program catering to your individual needs.

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