Facial Gua Sha

 Facial Gua Sha involves using a jade gua sha tool to produce a soothing massage.  This facial treatment helps reduce tension in the muscles of the face . It also helps soften the wrinkles, detoxifies and hydrates the skin, leaving behind a younger and more radiant complexion. Best for reducing fluid retention in the face and dark circles under the eyes. 

This 30min treatment is ideal for anyone fearing the idea of needles and also as a stand alone facial treatment or in between facial acupuncture treatment.

A gentle treatment Gurantee to lift and tone the skin on the face increasing blood circulation and reducing puffiness especially below the eyes .

Benefit of Facial Gua Sha Treatment

  •  Promote cellular renewal 
  •  Even Complexion
  • Increase and improve lymphatic drainage 
  • Rid dark circles under the eyes
  • Tone and improve skin texture
  • Increase micro-circulation in the skin
  • Reduce puffiness and inflammation 
  • Flatten and reduce appearance of wrinkles

Facial Gua Sha Masterclass

Learn how to use a Gua Sha tool at home so you can incorporate this beauty technique to your everyday beauty routine and achieve professional anti-ageing results.