How it works

Step One

The first stage requires locating motor points on the face, this is where a nerve meets the muscle. These points are usually loosened, weak, drooping or even tight muscles. Once needled, the response will deliver a message to the central nervous system which will instruct the muscles to relax or tighten, counteracting the problem.

Step Two

The second step involves increasing collagen and elastin production through needling with ultra-fine acupuncture needles. Specific areas of the face which require a collagen and elastin boost are needled, creating microtraumas to the skin which signals the body to start repairing the damage through collagen and elastin production. This will soften facial lines and add firmness to the skin through an increase in skin volume and density.

Step Three

Finally, needling encourages blood circulation to the face along with the nutrients that it carries. This fresh blood can break blockages and any pigment stagnation, producing a brighter and glowing skin appearance. The oxygenating of the facial tissue leaves skin soft, supple and hydrated.

What to expect?

Weeks 1-2

Results are visible within the first and second week. Generally, patients will experience instant hydration of skin as well as softer and glowing skin. This is a result of the instantaneous blood flow which draws nutrient-rich oxygen to the skin leaving the skin hydrated. Patients will find a brightening of skin complexion and richer colour of the face. Through manipulation of motor points, patients will feel muscles in the face relax and relax prior tensions and generally will feel relaxed and less stressed overall via the increase in Qi (energy).

Weeks 3-4

By the third and fourth week, patients will see a change in facial muscles where it will be visibly more taut and lifted. By now, the skin will be much softer and large pores are minimised. There is an increase in skin softening and hydration as the skin is refined overtime.

Weeks 5-7

Between weeks 5 to 7, the results of increased collagen and elastin is most evident. For most, lines increasingly soften and skin around the mouth and cheeks will feel tighten and look visibly more plump. The face will become firmer and denser as there is an increase in volume through collagen and elastin production. Overall increased tightening and muscle lift of face as well as a glowing and radiant complexion.

Weeks 8-12

At this stage, the folds off the corner of the mouth responsible for the sagging/drooping look will lift and stay firm and dense. The skin is evidently plump and pores will have refined even small. Hydration and tautness continues to last as the skin will overall have a healthy appearance.


Cosmetic acupuncture requires maintenance. This involves maintenance sessions which varies for each individual. Generally, the older you are, the more sessions are required with more frequency. Generally, at your 20s and 30s, you will require shorter programs of 4-6 sessions that are less frequent such as 1-2 weeks apart. For those in their 40s and 50s, it is likely you’ll be recommended 6-8 treatments a week. During your 50s and 60s or older, collagen and elastin production is at its slowest and weakest. Face muscles are also weaker and lines or wrinkles are deeper. It is recommended that patients have 8-12 treatments 1-2 times a week. Results outlined are typical, however, it also depends on your own physical health. The healthier patients are, the more optimal the results. If maintained, results will last the years.

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